I took an examination of "regular" teachers employment of elementary schools in Tokyo after 3/11. It is — because I thought that my academic back ground and my professional career could be effectively used by becoming the teacher — I liked this work, kids; I hoped making my life. I became a temporary teacher of an elementary school and taught athletics. So, I thought permanent employees’ happiness was most important because they had their family. I was temporary, and was not a permanent. My evaluation as professional was low. Even if I tried hard as a teacher, it made me stupid somewhere. I continued preparation for the examination while hiding this feeling. My first test passed and I took an interview by my preparation.
I took pains over an examiner's question at the time of the interview. The examiner said, "What kind of creativity do you put, although 'KOKORO' of children is improved?" I thought the meaning of this question was a thing of educational technique, and spoke about a developed leaf method of subjects in elementary schools and so on. However, the examiner was not convinced. I repeated it many times in other words. But, the examiner went on the same and said, "KOKORO is important for the teacher". "KOKORO", there are various meanings — the heart, an idea, an intention, thought, willingness and faith — even now, I don't understand the meaning of this "KOKORO". Anyway, that’s all.
NO, I NOW FEEL “KOKORO.” YES, IT’S MORAL AT ALL. — MORAL, what does it stand for? Japanese Pre-war MORAL, the national top politician commits it and destroys himself by political corruption. It's right now — 2017 Late Winter. So I remember the examiner's "KOKORO". The word is passing over 5 years — enough to bury it in our soil.