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Kenta Ishii complies with respecting all your information. This world-web-site (website) is published by Kenta Ishii through web-servers which Kenta Ishii contracts with a third party. The web-servers collects your log date, which is including IP address and related information embedded in IPv4, IPv6, HTTP Headers and so on. Kenta Ishii is sure that your information is correctly protected from any violation of laws in the web-servers. Kenta Ishii only uses your information for the purpose of improving contents of this website, and the purpose of detecting violation of laws.

Kenta Ishii is contracting with companies to embed advertisements of third-party partners in this website and/or computer softwares which Kenta Ishii publishes. these companies collect your information from your devices through your Internet access, that is, they sends HTTP cookies to your computers, then monitors your activities on the Internet. Please take care of your information. The third-party partners may have their own privacy policies. Besides, websites of third-party partners may NOT be subject to children under 13 years of age. In this case, websites of third-party partners may NOT have any privacy policy. If you want to know their privacy policies, visit their websites or contact in other ways. Don’t access their websites and don’t install any computer software which you recognize any violation of their privacy policies and any deficit in their privacy policies.