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This website sends cookies “directly” or ” indirectly” to your computer. “Directly” means cookies which this website, powered by WordPress, sends you uniquely. “Indirectly” means cookies which mediators of banner and interstitial advertisements send you. These cookies are intended use for your better website experience.

Websites powered by WordPress (including this website) send HTTP cookies to your devices. Typically, these are in two situation. One is on logging-in as a website administrator or User. The other is on commenting in contents. For more information, visit WordPress’s website. In addition, WordPress-plugins may use other HTTP cookies. Besides, this website doesn’t use additional HTTP cookies intended to track your information.

Tweet Buttons on this website sends cookies to your computer from Twitter Inc. See the page of Twitter Inc. about cookies use.

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If you don’t want to send information of yours, please turn off the function of HTTP cookies in your web-browser. In addition, please turn off the function of JavaScript in your web-browser.

This Cookie Policy is intended the observance of standards of European Union. See the page of European Union about cookies use and users’ privacy.

Last Updated Date of This Document is on February 17, 2017.