Good-bye 3/11 — What Kind of Soil For Pre-war MORAL?
Mean, I’m a sociologist; I think citizens suspect their social system. It's a mission.
You are surrendered by safety land — if you want, this land becomes doubtful. You study well to get such a garbage-like idea, but you need it, I promise that.
When 3/11 — the big earth quake — occurred, I had worked some facility for kids in Tokyo. The shaking was terrible. Furthermore, you know, that bomb attracted us, but the facility had still opened for kids of course — it opens with me who was tired! In the Northeast area, Military had given a lot of members against the trouble. Horrible strong wind, from Northeast area, blew against Tokyo. I often watched fans of an anemometer on the roof of the facility while observing kids’ play in its yard. The anemometer shook slightly and spun fans quickly. I didn’t know whether this indicated the wind from the place — yes, you know the place — or not. Kids took a play as well as ever. I remember the kids' play just as a picture. On the last day of the march, I ended the work for kids because of the termination in Contract.
You know, what time is it right now, right here? There is, world peace has been in trouble — we place in a thing which an economical suspicious mind is underway and we are nervous of cold rain and warm sunny days. So, we passed several years that “May Be” great and now are touching something. Well, something? What do you want for this something? — Something “May Be” or "Must Be" great and feels that strange. — Japan commits N. Korea. Why Japan needs N. Korea? Because N. Korea “may be” the mirror of the Japanese MORAL. Japanese find their justice by commitment to it. So I remembered I heard from a teacher when I was a kid, “you are very happy because you are in Japan. Japan has a great economic prosperity, so you need to care about other nations as Japanese.” When I heard this, I actually thought of the thing — Am I Happy? — in my bed. Therefore, we must care about other nations, yes, N. Korea too, yes, we can care about it because of our happy.
I took an examination of "regular" teachers employment of elementary schools in Tokyo after 3/11. It is — because I thought that my academic back ground and my professional career could be effectively used by becoming the teacher — I liked this work, kids; I hoped making my life. I became a temporary teacher of an elementary school and taught athletics. So, I thought permanent employees’ happiness was most important because they had their family. I was temporary, and was not a permanent. My evaluation as professional was low. Even if I tried hard as a teacher, it made me stupid somewhere. I continued preparation for the examination while hiding this feeling. My first test passed and I took an interview by my preparation.
I took pains over an examiner's question at the time of the interview. The examiner said, "What kind of creativity do you put, although 'KOKORO' of children is improved?" I thought the meaning of this question was a thing of educational technique, and spoke about a developed leaf method of subjects in elementary schools and so on. However, the examiner was not convinced. I repeated it many times in other words. But, the examiner went on the same and said, "KOKORO is important for the teacher". "KOKORO", there are various meanings — the heart, an idea, an intention, thought, willingness and faith — even now, I don't understand the meaning of this "KOKORO". Anyway, that’s all.
NO, I NOW FEEL “KOKORO.” YES, IT’S MORAL AT ALL. — MORAL, what does it stand for? Japanese Pre-war MORAL, the national top politician commits it and destroys himself by political corruption. It's right now — 2017 Late Winter. So I remember the examiner's "KOKORO". The word is passing over 5 years — enough to bury it in our soil.

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